Springfield Auto Detail and Power Washing provides services dedicated to maintaining your property’s care and appearance. Our wide range of products and services are capable of addressing problems that include the exterior/interior of your vehicle, your home or commercial property. Our trained professionals are ready to review your cleaning needs and provide you with a detailed proposal on how to resolve your cleaning and detailing needs.

  • When your car has been exposed to nature’s elements and the abuses of daily travel; the paint becomes oxidized and dull.
  • Detailing your car removes the dull haze, road tar and oxidation that simple washing will not. This is accomplished by using a professional buffer to buff and polish the finish. Then, a top quality wax or polymer glaze is applied to enhance the shine and protect the paint.
  • Acid rain, sun and salt are destructive to paint. Professional waxing helps you protect your paint and keeps it shinning longer.
  • In a complete detail, your upholstery and carpets are shampooed, the leather is cleaned and nourished, and the vinyl is treated with a protectant. This interior detail adds to your enjoyment by providing a fresh car look and smell inside to complement the new look outside.
  • Thus, detailing makes car washing more effective.